Wishing congratulations to our GED graduates who r…

Wishing congratulations to our GED graduates who recently participated in the Butler County Community College Commencement Ceremony. Arthur Stewart, Summit Academy GED and College within the High School Teacher, had the honor of addressing the graduates. In his remarks, Art shared, “Graduation is like climbing a set of stairs...how many steps are you willing to climb? This is the beginning for many of you. Whether you attend college, trade school, the military or a career, you can now move forward. You have shown great drive, determination and heart! You have achieved your goal. The sky is the limit, and many adventures await. The higher you climb the brighter you will shine. You should never accept failure and you should always strive to do your best." Also addressing his fellow students was Summit graduate, Christopher W.
We are so excited for what these bright students will accomplish next! CONGRATULATIONS and GOOD LUCK!!

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