A heartfelt thanks from a resident and a counselor…

A heartfelt thanks from a resident and a counselor at the Summit Academy for a beautiful experience provided by the Tickets for Kids Charities of Pittsburgh.

Dear Tickets for Kids,

Hello. My name is Ryan and I’m a student at Summit Academy. I was one of the lucky six that was able to go to the Cirque Dreams Holidaze show, and after that I felt like I was one of the luckiest kids in the world. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for those tickets and for giving me the chance to experience that.

Usually, people would not always pick me for something like this, they would not want to put so much trust in me. It made me feel so special, and so important, and so good inside because I have never been to anything like that in my life, never a place so fancy, never even anywhere comparable to that. It was the nicest place that I have ever been. I am so grateful for this experience that it’s hard to put thank yous into words, because it was so much greater than words could describe.

Thank you so much, Ryan

"None of the students I took with me had ever been to the theater before. One asked me awkwardly what the building was really for, and whether the gems in the chandelier had been lent specifically for the performance we were watching. One of them asked if it would be alright if he touched the parquet marble floor to see if it was real. This is to say nothing of how they responded to the show itself. Witnessing their wonder was one of the highlights of my career thus far. Simply put, my students are not accustomed to joy, to innocence, to beauty, to compliments. Every student I took with me said that seeing the show was one of the greatest experiences of their lives. Watching them experience that was one of the greatest experiences of mine."

Gretchen Kessler
Summit Academy