Community-Based Programs

The Academy Community-Based Programs in Allegheny County

Healthy Alternatives, Opportunities for Progress

The Academy Integrated Program is a unique educational and rehabilitative program for students in grades 8 – 12 that is unlike any other.  By combining the rigorous and nurturing environment of New Academy Charter School with the broad counseling opportunities offered in the after-school program, this community-based alternative to residential treatment truly achieves a “holistic” approach to growth and development.

The Academy Community-Based Program in Lawrence County

The Community Resource Program (CRP) is designed to provide support, structure and guidance for students have have demonstrated the need for such community-based intervention.  The ultimate goal is to encourage each student to improve their behavior, school attendance and performance and/or social interactions while remaining ingrained in their home, school and community environments.

The Community Resource Program provides school-based behavior support staff who meet with students within their high school environment as needed.  Students also receive employment assistance and participate in community-service programs.  

The Academy Community-Based Programs in Philadelphia County

Exceptional Qualifications, Sobering Success

Students from Philadelphia County attend two community-based program options.  The National Academy Outpatient  Drug and Alcohol Program and The Summit Academy Reintegration Program.

To ensure continuity of care, both programs employ the same treatment modalities and core rehabilitative philosophies utilized through The Academy Schools programs.


The Community-Based Programs Annual Report is made available to all stakeholders upon request to: Corporate Communications Coordinator, 900 Agnew Road, Pittsburgh, PA 15227 or