Counselor Specialist


Summit Academy:
New Outlook Academy:


Find your niche working with youth in counseling, music, arts, trades training, or coaching to “catch a kid doing something right” and change their life.

Counselors will be responsible for facilitating program activities during the afternoon and evening hours. Additional responsibilities include regular communication with parents/guardians and case documentation, therefore, strong written and verbal communication skills are required. Most importantly, candidates must demonstrate the ability to develop healthy relationships with our youth and serve as a positive role model while making a difference in a child’s life.

Training is provided for individuals hired to facilitate evidence-based group counseling and all direct-care staff participate in training to provide trauma-informed care.

The Academy Schools promotes from within for nearly all direct-care positions. We provide all of the training, tools, and opportunity necessary for advancement and professional development.


Bachelor’s degree preferred but not required.


Summit Academy $46,000

New Outlook Academy $40,000

“When I applied for this job, I wanted to be a role model for young people who needed guidance to live a better life. But had no idea how much satisfaction I would get in return. When I hear from a student that I counseled years before and they are happy and successful, I know that I played a small part in changing a life. It doesn’t get any better than that.”

New Outlook Academy Counselor Specialist