Industrial Trades Instructors

Job Type

Full Time


Background in trades including but not limited to welding, carpentry, auto mechanics, photography, and auto detailing


Our instructors share their knowledge and love of their trade with our students. Whether it’s auto-detailing or carpentry, students graduate our trades program with an employable skill set and new found interest thanks to our instructors. Responsibilities include providing instruction to students, ensuring safety protocols are followed, and facilitating small work crews. Current trade offerings include auto-mechanic, auto-detailing, welding, carpentry, screen printing, baking, and photography.


8:00am-4:30pm Monday-Friday




Highmark Medical Coverage
– Low deductible plans
– In-network coverage at 100% after deductible is satisfied

In-house prescription reimbursement program
– Eligible prescriptions are reimbursed for entire out of pocket expense less $1.00

Dental and Vision Coverage
– Offered for no cost to employees

Life Insurance
– Provided at no cost to employees
– Coverage for 3X annual compensation

Long Term Disability Insurance
– Provided at no cost to employees
– Coverage for 2/3 lost time wages for duration of disability

401K & Profit Sharing Plan

Generous Paid Time Off

Complimentary Meals and Parking

“Every work day here is a new challenge – I rarely come in and do exactly the same thing. Those challenges make me a better instructor and a better team. I am happy that the administration trusts me to do the job that I was hired to do – lead my crew and teach kids what I know.”

Summit Academy Trades Instructor