Summit Academy:
New Outlook Academy:
New Academy Charter School:

Education is your’ “ticket to ride” in life… for our students, this is reality.

For our teachers, their goal is to transform each student into a life-long, successful learner.

In our licensed, trauma-informed school for students in grades 7 – 12, we employ teachers privately or publicly certified in:

  • Special Education
  • Mathematic
  • English
  • Social Students
  • Science
  • Health & Physical Education
  • Music
  • Art

An education degree is NOT required.

We will assist individuals with securing a private teaching certification.

Private certification through the Pennsylvania Department of Education requires a bachelor’s degree and at least six credit hours in the subject area.  Tuition assistance to complete required classes for certification may be provided by The Academy Schools.


Either a PA professional teaching certificate OR a private teaching certificate which initially requires a four-year degree, including 6 semester hours in a core discipline.

Permanent private teaching certification will require earning a total of 18 semester hours in the core discipline and 6 semester hours in education.

Credits required may be earned while working for The Academy Schools and tuition assistance is provided.


Summit Academy – $45,000-$50,000

New Outlook Academy – $45,000-$50,000

New Academy Charter School – $45,000-$60,000

“I like the challenge this job provides and I like trying to help these kids” “They really aren’t much different than I was at their age so if I can help some of them to be successful, I feel like I am making a difference.” “I love what we do here and I know if I taught at another school, I wouldn’t be able to affect the kids the way I do here.”

Summit Academy Teacher