New Outlook Academy is kicking off their first rea…

New Outlook Academy is kicking off their first reading selection of their Summer Book Club. For the coming weeks, a group of students will read and discuss "The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks" by Rebecca Skloot. New Outlook Academy staff members Lucia Colaizzi and Kionna Howell are facilitating the group and look forward to an interesting and educational experience for the group.

Henrietta Lacks was a woman who unknowingly donated her
cells at John Hopkins in 1951, beginning what was the first, and, for many years, the only human cell line able to reproduce indefinitely.

Students participating in the book club are:
Symone A. (California)
Jaylisha B. (West Virginia)
Ashay B. (California)
Madison C. (West Virginia)
Angelina F. (Monroe County, PA.)
Cierra G. (Monroe County, PA.)
Abby M. (Erie County, PA)
Jacklynn M. (West Virginia)
Destiny M. (Maryland)
Julie S. (West Virginia)
Alexis S. (West Virginia)
Nyreese T. (Lycoming)