Female Shelter Services

The New Outlook Shelter Care Program provides emergency care services to young women, ages 12 – 17.  Remaining consistent with the philosophies and mission of The Academy Schools, the shelter program provides a safe, nurturing residential placement for students who require immediate removal from their home and community environment.  Located on the New Outlook Academy campus, this self-contained program typically provides up to 30 days of care; however, length of stay may vary based on need, age, maturity and judicial request.

Beyond the primary goals of safety and protection, the shelter serves as a therapeutic alternative to an immediate crisis situation.  The supportive services provided to students during their stay are specifically designed to stabilize and even improve a young woman’s emotional state and behavioral interactions.


The New Outlook Academy Shelter provides educational instruction to all students.  In order to maintain academic achievement and progress during the short-term stay, students participate in standards-based, online learning.  This teacher-guided, academic environment allows students to work at their own pace within each course.  The system includes pretests which enable students to forego content they have already mastered and focus on their current skill set.  Additionally, course-level assessments include tests for each module that verify mastery upon completion.  Credit hours for all course work completed will be recorded for credit toward matriculation at each student’s school of residence.


The New Outlook Academy Shelter Program is able to provide transportation for placements within an agreed upon radius from the school.  Additionally, we are able to accept placements from other locations where transportation is arranged by the placing agency.  The Shelter Program is also capable of handling admissions 24 hours per day from agencies who are providing their own transportation.

Extra-curricular & Recreational activities

Students at The New Outlook Academy Shelter Program find enjoyment and recreation in the many campus activities that we offer.  These activities provide a positive outlet while fostering an atmosphere of teamwork and pro-social interaction skills. 


Probation Officers, Case Workers and other court representatives are always invited to visit and meet with their students at any time during their stay.
Additionally, parents are able to make arrangements for visitation in accordance with approval from the placing agency and in coordination with the Program Supervisor.
Visitation can be arranged seven days per week.

Food service & Clothing

Students receive three full-course, nutritionally-balanced meals daily, encompassing an expanded entree selection, as well as an evening snack.  In addition, students are provided with all necessary clothing and personal hygiene products needed throughout the duration of their placement.

Discharge/transition planning

Safe Harbor provides short-term emergency placement in crisis
situations, however, the ultimate intent is to contribute to the
creation of a healthy long-term plan for placement, treatment and
rehabilitation for each young lady.  As a result, New Outlook Academy
works with families and placing agencies to create a transition plan
that ensures adequate support systems in the most appropriate, nurturing
environment for the student.