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For at-risk adolescent females, the world can be frightening and overwhelming, lacking dependable support systems and protection from abuse, neglect and violence. As a result, many of them suffer physical and emotional harm and turn to substance abuse and destructive behavior to cope with circumstances they cannot control.

At New Outlook Academy, located on the border of Baldwin Borough in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, we provide a comprehensive and safe rehabilitative residential setting for young women ages 13-18, in grades 7-12. Our school is multi-faceted, interweaving academics, clinical treatment, vocational training, counseling and extra-curricular activities. It provides the transforming environment and unwavering support necessary for these girls to redirect their lives.

From the moment they begin their day, our students are reminded that they are precious and unique and deserve every opportunity to achieve their dreams.  Safe from the trauma they may have experienced in their past, they begin to see their potential to develop and flourish. Surrounding by people committed to their care, they shine.

A place where you can have a fresh start.

We’re a home away from home and a place where the possibilities are endless. New Outlook Academy provides students with a personalized experience to education and self-growth. Our staff is dedicated to finding students’ strengths and building them up upon them.

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In the News

Jul 4, 2024

In the News

Jul 1, 2024
New Outlook’s Book Club begins their new adventure this month with Journey to the Center of the Earth, by Jules Verne. Wishing our students safe travels and an enjoyable read!
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In the News

Jun 29, 2024
New Outlook’s first music concert of 2024 went off with a bang, thanks to all the recent instrument donations from DW Music Foundation, Classics for Kids Foundation, and The Guitar Center Music Foundation. The students enjoyed performing, singing and cheering throughout the concert, which included more than 20 vocal and instrumental numbers. #musicmatters#practicemakesperfect#talentedmusicians
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In the News

Jun 24, 2024
Through a generous in-kind donation of softball equipment from the MLB-MLBPA Youth Development Foundation, New Outlook hosted its first students and faculty softball game! Sunshine and smiles were plentiful as we celebrated the start of summer and some great plays. The donated equipment will be put to good use for many summers to come.
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In the News

Jun 20, 2024
Huge thank you to Y108 and Audacy for making this young lady’s dream come true! Since she was 10 years old, Kaylee has aspired to be a radio broadcaster in the country music industry. Y108 brought her one step closer when she toured their studio, snacked on donuts and sat in on the Y’d Awake […]
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In the News

Jun 12, 2024
Ten young ladies have chosen to participate in this summer-long weekly education program aimed at preventing and reducing tobacco use and increasing education about tobacco hazards and secondhand smoke. #TobaccoFreeLife
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In the News

Jun 11, 2024
GROWING GREEN THUMBS AT NEW OUTLOOK and Scotts MiracleGro recently awarded New Outlook the #GroMoreGood Grassroots Grant. This amazing support will allow us to plant an even larger array of fruits and vegetables this year, including the tomatoes students planted in our raised garden beds just last week. We can’t wait to share what sprouts up this growing season!
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In the News

May 27, 2024

In the News

May 27, 2024
A year ago, the W.I. Patterson Charitable Fund provided a wonderful donation to the New Outlook Academy Prosocial Fund. These contributions allow our students to participate in engaging and enriching activities. For many, it is the first time they have enjoyed such experiences. 171 students participated in at least one of the following activities, which […]
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Begin your future at New Outlook Academy, be a part of our success

At New Outlook Academy, our people are our most valuable resource and the cornerstone of our success.

We offer exceptional career opportunities with tremendous potential for advancement for individuals with high school, college, trade, master’s, medical and other advanced degrees

New Outlook Academy is an equal opportunity employer.  In addition to competitive compensation, all full-time positions include paid vacation and sick time and a comprehensive benefits package which includes medical, dental, vision and prescription coverage, as well as long-term disability coverage, life insurance and a 401k plan.

If you have the desire to dedicate your talents to improving the lives of at-risk youth, click here, to learn more about career opportunities currently available.


The New Outlook Academy Annual Report is made available to all stakeholders upon request to: Corporate Communications Coordinator, 900 Agnew Road, Pittsburgh, PA 15227 or