The EMPOWER Program

Remaining consistent with the philosophies and rehabilitative objectives of The Academy Schools, these certified specialized settings programs provide a nurturing, holistic environment where young men and women can address their unique and complex needs. The program is specifically designed to assess risk factors related to human trafficking and treat the impact of those traumatic experiences.

Holistic Rehabilitation Producing Extraordinary Results

In addition to the enhanced services provided within the EMPOWER Program, students also participate in the comprehensive rehabilitative opportunities offered within our general residential programs. These services include, but are not limited to:

  • licensed, on-campus education for grades 7-12
  • GED preparation and testing
  • college credits
  • trades training
  • evidence-based group counseling sessions
  • athletics, arts, on-campus recreation and off-campus experiential learning
  • community service and work programs
Empowering Youth to Overcome Trauma and Victimization

Trauma-Informed Healing

The EMPOWER Program is provided within a holistic, trauma-informed, nurturing environment. All counseling staff and therapists are trained in the Traumatic Stress Institute’s (TSI) Whole Systems Change Approach to Trauma Treatment. This intense focus on strength-based, healing rehabilitation allows each young person to recover, grow and develop according to their unique needs and experiences.

Family Engagement

Family engagement within the EMPOWER Program is one of the main cornerstones to successful recovery and healing. Additional meaningful life connections are also included in the treatment process through our Youth Empowerment and Support (YES) Team meetings. This process is designed to ensure that each student has an extensive group of resources to support a successful transition to the established permanency plan.

Case Management

Each student has a Comprehensive Support Team (CST) which is a multi-disciplinary team of individuals from the youth’s specific service areas such as mental health, medical, education, case management and residential living. CST meetings aim to review the students’ needs and progress and ensure a holistic approach to treatment. These meetings will also guide the YES Team meetings with parents/guardians and other participants.

Mental Health Services

EMPOWER students have access to The Academy Outpatient Mental Health Program which utilizes a trauma-informed, multi-dimensional, eclectic approach that is intentionally designed to meet the individual needs of the adolescent client. Participation in this program is based on medical necessity following assessment and psychiatric evaluation.