A solid education is the best foundation for a successful future

Educational opportunities that inspire achievement and success.  

Many young women arrive at New Outlook Academy performing below their age-appropriate grade level. To accelerate their academic development and prepare them to earn their high school diploma, we offer strong individual attention, computer-enhanced learning and year-round supplemental educational and remedial services.

The intentional structure and productive routines they establish while living at New Outlook also contribute greatly to their success in rehabilitation.

We believe that getting an education—and building upon it—is critical to a young woman’s development into a productive member of society. So we create an environment that maximizes her potential for meaningful learning.

Preparing for Life Beyond New Outlook

New Outlook Academy is thoroughly committed to lighting the way to a brighter future for our students by showing them what we expect of them and helping them achieve it.

We offer:

  • High School Diploma through our on-campus private high school
  • General Equivalency Diploma (GED) comprehensive preparation and testing
  • SAT instruction and no-fee SAT testing
  • Attendance to local College & Career Fairs
  • Assistance with the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)
  • A $2,000 scholarship applied to tuition at a post-secondary or trade school of their choice for all New Outlook Academy graduates

The Private Academic Secondary School at New Outlook Academy is licensed by the Pennsylvania Department of Education and staffed by certified, professional educators. Credits earned are applied toward each student’s high school transcript. New Outlook Academy also awards high school diplomas.

New Outlook Academy STEAM Lab

New Outlook Academy students have access to our on-campus STEAM lab which is equipped with a 3-D printer, state-of-art-computers, and our newest technology addition, TWIKI, the interactive robot.  This programmable teaching assistant will help bring lessons to life, making learning more fun and more concrete for students.  Twiki connects theory to practice with hands-on projects that encourage participation, teamwork and creative problem-solving.


“All their lives, our students have been caught doing something wrong.
Our job is to catch them doing something right.”

Sam Costanzo, Founder & Chief Executive Director