An educational opportunity for every learner

The Summit Academy Private Secondary High School

The Summit Academy recognizes that education is the cornerstone to success and self-sufficiency for our students.  Therefore, we have created an environment that meets each student where he is in his academic journey. From there his path can include a high school diploma, GED and college credits.  Both of our on-campus school settings are staffed by certified teachers and include extensive supplemental services to maximize each student’s individual progress and achievement.

High School at Summit Academy

  • Summit Academy is licensed by the Pennsylvania Department of Education and can confer a high school diploma to any student who completes their academic requirements while at the school.
  • Every graduate receives an automatic $2000 scholarship payable to the college or trade of their choice.  
  • Upon arrival at Summit Academy, students are placed in the grade level determined by their previous school records and transcripts. 
  • Summit Academy also provides supplemental English and math classes to bridge academic deficiencies that may have resulted from previous school absences or inadequate participation. 
  • The Summit Academy Special Education Department provides all critical services necessary as indicated for any student with an individualized education plan (IEP).  
  • Specially designed instruction (SDI) and other instructional accommodations are also developed by multidisciplinary team members to effectively meet student needs and abilities. 
  • All credits earned at Summit Academy are fully transferable to the student’s school of residence upon their return to their home. 

Summit Academy’s Special Education, GED and Credit Recovery Programs have all been evaluated through the Standard Program Evaluation Protocol (SPEP) process.

College and Career Readiness

Creating a Foundation for Post-Secondary Success 

While most young men at Summit Academy are primarily focused on earning a high school diploma or GED, we strive to extend their vision beyond these goals. Our Administrators and Career Counselors have worked diligently to create opportunities that provide them with the exposure to college and career experiences, as well as instill confidence in their ability to succeed.

  • College within the High School classes are offered every semester to all juniors and seniors who are in satisfactory academic standing. The classes are taught on campus by a Butler County Community College Professor and enable students to earn fully-transferable college credits while still in high school.
  • Students can prepare for and complete the SAT exam on a monthly basis.
  • Assistance and support is provided in completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).
  • Summit Academy maintains exceptional relationships with recruiters from the military and will assist students in determining if the armed forces is the appropriate options for their future endeavors.
  • Summit Academy is affiliated with the Pennsylvania Academic and Career/Technical Training Alliance to offer career and technical training which provides hands-on experience in a myriad of trade industries. Click here to learn more about The Summit Academy Career and Technical Training Program. 

All college and career planning services are provided to students at Summit Academy completely free of charge, including SAT testing, college applications and college credits.

GED Opportunities

For some students, the ability to complete their high school requirements in a reasonable time frame, based on their age and circumstances, has become compromised.  In those situations, the opportunity to prepare for and successfully complete the GED exam becomes the best path to academic success for the student.  As a licensed GED testing facility, Summit Academy has the ability to offer the exams according to a schedule that best meets the students’ needs and abilities. 

  • Students who are pursuing their GED to fulfill their high school academic requirements will continue to participate in the regular school schedule in order to improve their academic skills in preparation for the exam.
  • Students will also participation in GED classes to specifically prepare for the exams.
  • Students have access to the dedicated GED testing lab on Summit Academy’s campus.
  • Student who successfully pass their GED are able to continue their academic progress through online college courses. 

Summit Academy’s GED Program boasts an exceptional passing rate.